Willkommen im Dolomiti Hotel Rom! ...ein angenehme, warme Atmosphäre, in der Sie sich zu Hause fühlen koennen.

Das Hotel Dolomiti Rom ist ein ruhiges Hotel im Zentrum Roms und nur 250 Meter entfernt vom Hauptbahnhof Termini gelegen, Es befindet sich in unmittelbarer Naehe der Metrohaltestelle "Castro Pretorio" (Linie B) mit der Sie zum Beispiel das Kolosseum und das historische Zentrum erreichen koennen.
Das Hotel Dolomiti Rom, Wenn Sie gern zu Fuss gehen, gelangen Sie in 25 Minuten zur Spanischen Treppe, zum Trevi-Brunnen, zum Kolosseum und zum Forum Romanum.
Das Hotel wurde kuerzlich komplett renoviert. Auf Komfort wurde besonderer Wert gelegt.

Informations about Rome:

Rome boasts one grand tourist attraction after another, but the Roman Forum and its neighbor, the Colosseum, stay with you forever. True, most of these ancient archways, temples and aqueducts are little more than ruins, but the grandeur that was ancient Rome never fails to humble modern visitors. A very different but no less popular era of history resides within the Vatican City. Walk through the cool, imposing sanctuary of St. Peter's Basilica before admiring the masterpieces of the Vatican Museum.

Rome enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate. Summers (from June to September) are hot and dry with temperatures often soaring to 37°C. High humidity is also common, particularly in July and August. Winter tends to be moderate, at least by northern European standards, with temperatures averaging around 10°C to 15°C between December and February. Snow, although not unheard of, is extremely rare. Spring (March to June) and early autumn (September and October) are the best times to visit Rome, with lovely blue skies and mild temperatures. November and December are the two wettest months.

Pratical Informations:

Getting Rome: Rome is an easy place to get to. It's served by direct flights from across the world and hundreds of European connections. Once you're in the city, there's a comprehensive public transport system which makes getting around pretty simple

Rome's Metro:
metro rome Rome's Metro system is of limited value to visitors, with the two lines, A and B, bypassing much of the centro storico. The two lines traverse the city in an X-shape, crossing at Stazione Termini, the only point at which you can change from one line to the other. Trains run approximately every five to 10 minutes between 5.30am and 11.30pm (one hour later on Saturday). However, until 2008 or 2009, Line A is closing for engineering works at 9pm every night. To replace it there are two temporary bus lines: MA1 from Battistini to Arco di Travertino and MA2 from Viale G Washington to Anagnina.

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